Symbol 1 (x16)

site here Block Ink on Paper
105 x 130 cm

Learn More Here FINALIST 'SHE' Art Prize 2014

click site We are surrounded by symbols; they navigate us around cities, we tag them on the streets, they give us identity and they demonstrate our beliefs. We attribute meaning and value to them, they recall memories and position us contextually.

Through sequences, rhythms and systems of application I explore randomly created shapes that over a period of time, as value is assigned, evolve into meaningful symbols. I utilize various methods of application such as stencil and block print. These applications allow for repeated patterns to occur and for me to explore various densities of ink and layering systems.

Visitez le site Web In this particular work, the symbol is originally derived from a non-essential working part within my piano. It has grown from a random shape into a symbol of love for this instrument as well as a reminder me of my shortcomings as a musician.